Product Center Road Roller B Series CDM520B9
CDM520B9B Series Single Drum Mechanical Gear Shift Transmission
  • Rated Power129kW/2000rpm
  • Operating Weight20000kg
  • Static Linear Load469N/cm
  • Drum / Tire Load10000/10000kg
Product features

Single frequency, dual amplitude, open-loop vibratory roller, PERMCO hydraulic components..

Steel drum made of high strength metal material with well wear resistance impress resistance.

Panoramic cab, angle-adjustable steering wheel, the design according to ergonomics.

Two brake systems containing hand brake and foot brake to make sure the safety of operator and machine.

Engine hood is opened backward by the electrically controlled cylinder , large space for repair and maintenance.

Equiped with A/C system as standard to make operating environment comfortable.

Configuration parameters
BASICOperating Weight20000 kg
Weight Burden on Front Drum10000 kg
Weight Burden on Rear Wheel10000 kg
Min Ground Clearance(h)430 mm
Wheelbase (L1)3180 mm
Grade Ability30%
L×W1×H (mm)6260×2388×3200
Fuel consumption6.75L
Rated Power129 kW
Rated Speed2000 rpm
Emissions StandardNation Ⅲ
DRIVE TRAINDrive TypeMechanical Drive
Travel Speed Forward2.3/4.5/9.6 km/h
Travel Speed Reverse2.3/4.5/9.6 km/h
Tire Type20.5-25 -16PR
Min.Turning Radius6500 mm
Steering Angle33°
Swing Angle/
VIBRATION SYSTEMWidth of Drum (W2)2130 mm
Diameter of Drum1600 mm
Rim Thickness of Drum40 mm
Static Linear Load469N/cm
Vibration TypeOpen-loop Hydraulic Vibration
Centrifugal Force356/248 kN
Vibration Frequency28 Hz
Nominal Amplitude1.9/0.9 mm
BRAKE SYSTEMService BrakeAir Booster Caliper
Rear Axle Brake
Parking BrakeShaft Controlling
Brake of Gear Box
Capacity120×2 Ah
SERVICE REFILLFuel Tank Capacity335 L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity220 L