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Vertical Integration

Lonking does proactive R&D of high-precision hydraulic elements,drive axles,transmission,hydraulic cylinders,gear pump,valves,tanks,pipes and other core components of which it has independent intellectual property rights,with as much as 70% components of main products self-made.This operating mode of vertical integration effectively controls cost of parts and components and ensures quality of main products,and provides excellent matching service to other famous brands.

About Genuine Lonking Parts

Since 1993, Lonking has proven the dependability of its products.You own the best Lonking equipment.Whether you’re repaving an interstate, mining for copper, or large-scale construction, you need performance and productivity.That’s why you bought Lonking powerful equipment in the first place.

Keep it running for years to come by using only the best parts.Genuine Lonking new parts are built to meet or exceed your equipment’s original specifications for performance, reliability and durability.Choosing Genuine Lonking parts means less downtime, lower operating costs and better equipment performance.

So what is the Genuine difference?

Better Materials.

Utilizes the latest material upgrades

Better Designs.

Incorporates the most recent component designs

Better Availability.

Serviced by an expansive global distribution network

Better Support.

Supported by the largest service network

Better Coverage.

Backed by comprehensive warranty


Seeing through the Competition

It can be hard to see the difference between Genuine Lonking parts and non-genuine competitive parts.It’s the little details that make a difference ,Non-genuine parts may fit a Lonking equipment, but they aren’t built or re-manufactured using the same procedures or materials to Lonking exact specifications.

From better performance and reliability to timely parts delivery to unmatched warranty and service support, Genuine Lonking new parts add genuine value to your Lonking equipment.Always insist on Genuine Lonking parts.