Product Center Skid Steer Loader 312 CDM312
CDM312 Kubota Engine 63KW (Mechanical Servo)
  • Rated Power63KW/2600rpm
  • Operating Weight3500kg
  • Rated Payload1230kg
  • Bucket Capacity0.54m³
Product features

1.Integrated loader frame, higher intensity and better stability.

2.Kubota strong power engine,which meets EU Stage ⅢA emission standard.

3. It adopts original and imported hydraulic system with stable reliability.

4.Cab adopts big angle and backward dump design, backward dump leaves bigger space for repair and convenient for maintenance.

5.It complies with international safety standard FOPS/ROPS of high intensity cab, which has bigger space and is more comfortable.

6.Hydraulic operation system adopts design of electric control self-lock and interlock to reduce misoperation to make the system safer.

7.It adopts quick changing device commonly used internationally, which can change all kinds of attachments quickly and conveniently. Hydraulic quick connector matches attachments from most manufacturers.

8.Compared with similar types, it has characteristics of narrow loader body, long wheelbase, high chassis, smaller steering radius, higher stability and stronger passing capacity.

Configuration parameters
BASICOperating Weight3500kg
Rated Payload1230kg
Bucket Capacity0.54m³
Tipping Load2460kg
Breakout Force28.06kN
Traction Force25.9kN
ENGINEEngine ModelV3600-T-E3B
Rated Power63kW/2600rpm
Fuel consumption17.4L
Emission StandardEuro ⅢA
HYDRAULIC SYSTEMHydraulic Flow – Standard91L/min·2600rpm
TypeMechanical Servo
Hydraulic Pressure– Standard21MPa
Hydraulic Flow – High Flow135L/min·2600rpm
Loader Hydraulic Pressure19 Mpa
DRIVE TRAINTravel Speed -F&R11.8km/h
Tyre12-16.5 NHS
ELECTRICVoltage(V)12 V
Capacity(Ah)120 Ah
Cooling System12L
Engine Crankcase9L
Fuel Tank91L
Hydraulic Tank65L