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A Return Visit to Brazilian Forklift Buyer
Date:Jul 12 2018 | Attention:

Honored as the “Football Kingdom”, Brazil is a multi-ethnic nation of immigrants worthy of the name “Ethnic Melting Pot”. In addition to vast territory, sparse population and rich resources including minerals, Brazil is also known as an agricultural country being among the top three grain exporters every year.

The passionate Brazilians live a happy life without having awareness of racial discrimination, extreme disparity between the rich and the poor and unrealistic comparison. Therefore, it feels warm to live here for long. Although Brazil enters winter now, I am enthusiastic without feeling the cold of winter.

My colleague and I were sent by the director of agent  to conduct forklift maintenance for a new client this morning. Being happy to visit the new client, we quickly packed up some necessary things and drove for nearly two hours to arrive at Reitor’s lumber mill. Reitor gave us a hug and handshakes and said cheerfully, “Thanks for coming here! Lonking’s product is awesome with low fuel consumption and high efficiency!”

As an owner of two lumber mills, Reitor bought LG40DT forklift from Lonking for the first time in January this year. Although LG40DT forklift has only been operated for 570 hours, it benefited Reitor’s lumber mill a lot by significantly saving labor and improving work efficiency. Reitor told us that he learned about the product of Lonking from one of his friends, who is an owner of machine brickyard buying two high-quality Lonking forklifts that have been operating for over 9,000 hours and over 1,000 hours respectively without severe failure. Reitor also indicated that along with the increase of business, he prepared to buy Lonking’s product again for applying in his new lumber mill to be established in another city next month. Meanwhile, Reitor said that he would recommend other friends to buy Lonking’s engineering machinery products.

The words of Reitor reminded me of Chairman Li’s words: “If you have products from Lonking, they will bring youluck and prosperity!” This is case for both the domestic and international world.





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