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Argentine service records
Date:Jul 12 2018 | Attention:

According to client’s feedback, the bulldozer was unable to work normally after two days’ work due to high temperature of water within it. It took local service staff and I a day to arrive at the site, which is a large farm, and we went another 5 kilometers from the gate to the office of the farm. After on-site check and discussion, we found that the radiator of the bulldozer, used for land clearing, was blocked by dust and fiber of plants entering through slits of its hood, leading to poor ventilation and high temperature of radiator. In order to solve the problem, we asked the client to drive the bulldozer to our station and used a high-pressure water spray to remove dust and fiber from the bulldozer. We also advised the client to prevent the air intake of bulldozer from dust with wire net. The bulldozer was able to work normally again after the problem was solved, and the client was satisfied with it!











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