Hydraulic Excavators


Hydraulic Excavator


Construction Machinery CDM6085E features:

Yanmar TNV series engine, low noise, low emission

High efficiency dual air filters and fuel filters

Parallel radiator cooling system

LUDV power balanced hydraulic system with safety lock joy stick

Large LCD monitor provides a convenient visual operation interface

X-shaped undercarriage with heavy-duty box structure

Free maintenance track with non- lubricated pins

No frame cab glasses to enlarge the visual field

High performance and healthy A/C allows the air circulate

Comfortable suspension seat with hydraulic damper

Heavy-duty boom and arm with high strength low alloy structural steels

Heavy-duty bucket with high strength and wear-resistant steels

Model CDM6085E
GeneralOperating weight( kg)8600
Standard bucket(m³)0.36
Bucket range(m³)0.1-0.42
Ground pressure(kPa)37
Travel speed(km/h)2.8/4.5
Swing speed (rpm)11.69
Gradeability35° (70%)
EngineModelYanmar 4TNV98T(Euro IIIA)
Rated power(Kw(hp)/rpm)54.1(73.8)/2200
Displacement (L)3.319
Fuel tank(L)136
Hydraulic SystemMax.pressure of Implements(MPa)27.4
Max. flow of system( L/min)74.8x2
Hydraulic oil tank(L)94
Working DeviceBoom length(mm)3720
Arm length(mm)1665
Bucket radius(mm)1040
Digging ForceMax. arm digging force (SAE/ISO)(kN)38/44
Max. bucket digging force (SAE/ISO)(kN)56/64

Standard Equipment

The following equipment items are part of the whole standard equipment. In addition, the standard configuration will change along with the product modification. For more information, contact the local agent.


Aerial and harness (excluding radio speaker)

Platform working lamp (2)

Suspension type adjustable seat

Boom working lamp (1)

Retractable seat belt

Water-proof electrical connectors

Ashtray and cigar lighter

Yanmar engine

Cup holder

Radial seal air filter

A/C system with fast defrosting

Air prefilter

Two additional pedals can be installed

Oil-water separator

Hydraulic safety lock joystick

Fuel filter


Rippled wall radiator with cleaning space

File pocket

High-volume fuel tank

Hat-and-coat hook

Auxiliary hydraulic valve (1)

Interior lighting equipment

Auto swing parking brake

Double stereo speaker

Boom/Armholding control function

Openable skylight


Wiper and washer

Gate lock and cover lock

Rear window (escape exit)

A/C stationary condenser

Escape hammer

Arm re-activation circuit

Washable rubber floor mat

Double speed travel

Graphic monitor

Front idler and idler cushion

Date and time display

Driving wheel

Machine state display

Central swing connector

Working hour display

Track guard

Current engine speed display

Adjustable seat armrest

Warning message


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