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Lonking Enterprise Culture
Lonking culture includes levels composed of spirit, institution and material.
Spirit level includes core values such as vision, pledge, principle, spirit and style, and the philosophy of market, brand, service, quality, talents, morals, development, management, environment, etc, is the key to culture, and the "brain" of the enterprise.
Institution level is transformed from spirit level, includes more than 100 management regulations, 10 behaviour rules and 20,000 operation guide books, covering enterprise management, product R&D, manufacturing, marketing, after-sale service, public relations, and logistic supports, manifests the execution ability of the company, is the "body and limbs" of the enterprise.
Material level includes the company visualized recognition system, material environment, product appearance and packaging design, and the transmission network of the enterprise culture, is the support of spirit level, and most intuitive system of culture, is the "face and embellishment" of enterprise.
Lonking culture is piloted by Vision, it is raised in view of market, and leading others. Pledge is raised in view of customers, to clarify the reason and value of the company being. These two subjects are born with situation---because whatever we are ready or not, construction machine market is already an internalized market; to be a internalized company is not only the necessity of self-development, but also the objective requirement of market competition. Meanwhile, the time has passed that the quality of construction machine is judged by expert, it is now judged by market and end-user, the product and service we provided must conform to users’ demand and gain their love, so pledge stress the consumer’s guide.
The core values, are the basic philosophy and main faith that we adored, embody the company principle. While pledge, is the core of Lonking value, is a unique culture that arisen from Lonking and distinguished from other company, is inherited, but innovated and improved, to search for a standard in the contradiction, and make itself more healthy and applicable to the society and time, and summon the staff cohesion.
The content of regulation and material level, is the management of the enterprise and staff behavior, to be standardized, normative and systematic, to form a unified enterprise image, so as to better run and manage, and act as the role of restraining and identifying.
The principle and spirit of enterprise, are penetrated into every aspect of Lonking culture, institution level and material level embodies the enterprise style.

Enterprise Vision
Become the most respectable outstanding global construction machine operator.

Lonking enterprise vision is to become the most respectable outstanding global construction machine operator.
To realize this grand vision, it's necessary to realize "Three Rises"
Rise to "construction machine operator" from "construction machine manufacturer". The biggest difference between "manufacturer" and "operator" is that "manufacturer" dedicates to the manufacturing of visible products, whereas "operator" dedicates not only on manufacturing of visible products, but also on the R&D and after-sale service, and concern the development and usage of the invisible products such as culture, brand and service, to meet both the material and spirit demands of customers.
Rise to "The Global Outstanding" from "The Chinese Excellent". There are many factors to push the enterprise from "being excellent" to "being outstanding", but the key is "be well-trained"---well trained staff, well trained philosophy, well trained behavior.
As to the outstanding performance evaluation, China, USA and European countries have already formed a scientific system, and set a strict standard on the aspects of “leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management, measurement, analysis, improvement and business result”. Lonking will improve comprehensively according to the outstanding enterprise requirement, will try to pass the European or American <outstanding performance evaluation rule> in 10-15years, and realize gradually the strategic rise from “Chinese Excellent” to “Global Outstanding”  .
Rise from “Miracle in the industry” to “Respectable in the industry”. Since established in 1993, Lonking created a “Lonking Myth” with its rapid development renown in the industry. In the future development process, we insist not only scientific development, and sustainable development, but also take the social responsibility, to promote the equity and fairness, to protect the natural and social environment, to support the public charity, to win the respect and homage from users, distributers, staff, suppliers, investors, as well as the whole construction machine industry and the society.

Enterprise Pledge
To create value with wisdom, to benefit mankind with efficiency.

The enterprise pledge, is the reason and value for being.
Lonking people are industrious and innovative, the personal and team wisdom are tapped thoroughly, to develop new products with new technology, to expand new service with new idea continuously. To create wealth and promote value to the terminal customers, distributers, staff, suppliers, investors, as well as the whole construction machine industry and society with excellent and efficient products and service.
Lonking people will exert the high efficiency of the group organization, Lonking products and service mechanism, to liberate labor, promote productivity, benefit mankind, and make new and bigger contribution to build a environmental-friendly and resources-saving society.
This is the solemn commitment of Lonking people, the persistent pursuit, and the consistent core value.

Enterprise principle
People oriented, Man-machine union

The enterprise principle, reflects the attitude of the company to the social liability, to embody the social value of the enterprise being, to conduct continuously the company rise from “market economy” to “moral economy” & “humanity economy”
People- oriented, means “people is the root, people is the capital”
I. “People is the root”, how many people you respect, you will be respected proportionally. To respect humanity, take that “meet demands, exert talents, realize value and promote life quality” as the enterprise origin and mortality, insists respecting and advocating equity. Insides, insists “staff is essential, respect staff, care staff, rely on staff, and spark the staff activity and enthusiasm”; everyone is the manager, everyone is the master, everyone enjoys the fruitful results brought by the enterprise swift development, and feels the warmness of the “Lonking family”,  to build harmonious working and living environment, let each worker enjoy working and life through playing their wisdom and ability thoroughly. Outsides, Insists “end-user oriented, think for the end-user, provide excellent products and efficient service, meet the end-users’ spirit and material demands, help the end-user to promote efficiency, create wealth, and enjoy life pleasure, and realize life ambition”. Besides, “people” also includes suppliers, job-seeker, community, share-holder, and partner, etc. As if it is from the bottom of the heart, and penetrated into the bone of the enterprise, and become the sole of the enterprise, it is doomed to be melted with all kinds of the enterprise relations.
II. “People is the capital”, how many wealth you create for the company, you will rewarded proportionally. We should respect the people’s social attributes, try to meet the people’s possessive and dominative desire demand, better to optimize the resources and allocation. No doubt, capital requires rewards, if you want to possess and dominate the enterprise resource, you must reward enterprise; the better you possess and dominate the enterprise resources, the more optimizational the resources allocated, and the more reward enterprise might get. Thus, enterprise must insist “efficiency priority ” principle, keep the disparity of competition, pursuit the equity of “people is the capital”, the core of “capital” is people’s capability, this includes study ability, innovative ability, organization ability and communication ability etc. To the enterprise, these abilities come from two sides: one is to import talents, but more is to educate and train the current staff on intelligence, knowledge, and skill with enterprise manpower, material and financial resources, to enforce the power of HR capital investment.
Man-machine union, means the reconciliation between man inspiration and machine quality

Enterprise is always man –oriented, take machine as object, through technology innovation, R&D, and fine workmanship, make each spare part, each machine full of spirit; make the new products meet all kinds of customers demands continuously, more humanized, more intelligent. “man” endows “machine” full of spirit, “machine” displays “man’s” infinite intelligence and outstanding talent, “man’s” taste can be experienced from “machine’s” quality, “man’s” taste improve the “machine” value, “man” and “machine” complement each other and inseparably interconnected.

Enterprise spirit
Industrious, benevolent, foresighted and innovative

Enterprise spirit, reflects the entrepreneur’s main idea, embody the staff common idea, is the essence of enterprise culture
Industrious---means hard-working. This is telling the mind and image of Lonking people “efficiency comes from diligence”
Benevolent---means friendly and generous. Lonking people are friendly with people, and love every worker. Lonking people are generous, wherever the enterprise is located, benevolence is there, Mr. Li San Yen has won the prize of “Chinese Charity” because of this.
Foresighted---means “stand on motherland, but look at the world”, “stand high, look high”. Lonking people always stand tide of the time and step forward.
Innovative---this is the key to Lonking rapid, healthy and sustainable development, and inexhaustible power for enterprise development. Management innovation, culture innovation, brand innovation, technology innovation, product innovation, helps to push Lonking to an era of harmonious and sustainable development.

Enterprise style
Industrious, pragmatic and efficient

Enterprise style, is the company atmosphere, is an important symbol to judge whether the enterprise culture is healthy or not.
Painstaking R&D, fine workmanship, refined management, meticulous service, constantly strive for perfection, dedicate to each market, each product, each service and each detail, is Lonking people’s understanding and pursuit of “being industrious”.
To work resolutely and immediately, no excuse, no delay, quick and good, quick and excellent, is Lonking people’s interpretation and practice of “being pragmatic and efficient”.

Brand concept
Pursuit of excellence and perfection
Brand is the symbol of product and enterprise image, the essence of brand value is customer value, is the pledge of an enterprise commitment to consumers.
Lonking people never stop, but continue to exceed and crown among the most outstanding, whatever product brand or service brand, through continuous innovation, rise to currently “China renown” or even prospective “world renown” from previous regional brand, realize the strategic promotion from “being excellent” to “being outstanding”.

Market value
Customer’s demand is our market

Market is the land we survive and nutrition we develop. Customer’s demand is our biggest market.
Lonking people always insist the operation idea of “customer oriented”, with all kinds of methods, and all kinds of channels, to concern, learn, lead and create customers’ demand to machine, spare parts and service, think and care for customers, take that “to satisfy customer and move customer” as our pursuit of work and awards of effort.
Lonking people practice actively the “grand marketing” operation idea, require that “everyone is salesman”, everyone is working directly or indirectly for sales, which set the foundation that every department from R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, marketing, to after-sale service and logistic support , concern for market, research market and serve for market, and form a good atmosphere, and promote the enterprise grand development.
Lonking people always advocate “double-win resouces and investment”. This is the marketing development theory raised by Mr. Lee San Yen according to Lonking products and business feature and the distributer team building rule.
“Double-win theory”, is the strategic partnership established between Lonking distributer and Lonking, to represent Lonking products and start after-sale service, is a double-win business. When Lonking products gain fast sale in the market, Lonking distributers gain rich profit during the marketing process, they benefit each other, develop commonly and realize double-win.
“Resouces theory”, is the resource of Lonking product distribution agency, is a valuable resouces. According to market and industry rule, Lonking can only select one distributor in one area, so the resource is limited, while this resource could create wealth, and bring continuous profit to distributer, and help to grow the distributer’s business. To lead the distributers value this resource, and cooperate with Lonking all round, and manage well Lonking products.
“Investment theory”, is the theory raised by Chairman Lee San Yen based on the Double-win and Resources theory which are generally acknowledged by distributers. As Lonking distribution agency is a valuable resource, a “mutual-benefit” business, it’s worthwhile to take it as other project, invest more time, energy and capital, to run all-heartedly, to work with Lonking hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, to realize sustainable developing, and make it long-live.
Lonking will always insist “distribution agency” principle and the three advantages of “quality, service and cost performance”, support distributers as always to take Lonking products as an investment for the family or team, as a resource to inherit, to cooperate honestly and realize mutual-benefit.

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