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Products LG260EC6 features:

Machine to configure high-intensity wide-view door frame, door frame with two type, designed to slot in each stacking height, internal and external door frame beams overlap to achieve the maximum degree of assurance the driver's field of vision.

Drive axle with heavy-duty vehicles produced in Germany KESSLER drive axle. The bridge design is reasonable, axle housing, high strength, load capacity, safety and reliability, long service life. With cool wet asphalt disc brakes, with a nitrogen accumulator, the engine stall condition can be automatically opened to provide more than 6 times of emergency braking pressure, safe and reliable

Transmission using the U.S. DANA Corporation TE-17000-type gearbox, forward backward block of all three. Automatic transmission, back protection, synchronizer; with neutral gear ignition and micro-features

Using the Swedish VOLVO TAD 720VE engine, 6-cylinder turbo-supercharger with a circulating water cooling, all-electric control EFI, low noise, low fuel consumption, emissions in line with European standards on the 2nd

20-40 feet empty container spreader with telescopic spreader. Spreader with a lateral feature, making operation more flexible and convenient, saving cycle time hanging box

Equipped with the world's most advanced variable piston pump and load-sensing valve load sensing system that can provide the corresponding size of the load flow and the formation of the corresponding hydraulic system pressure, reducing fuel consumption, more easily upgrade to reduce the engine, transmission and loss of hydraulic system.

Equipped with box-type chassis, frame body as the car beam welded structure, hydraulic tank and fuel tank for the suspension structure, the overall force is good, convenient transportation. Machine layout is reasonable, a large space, easy to check the repair.

CAN-bus electronic control system, engine and gearbox is equipped with electronic control unit, with fault detection and alarm function. Arrange a clear electrical components, maintenance is very simple.

Equipped with an advanced user-friendly spacious cab, window glass, using large circular front corner column-free, ensuring perfect vision and safety of reverse vision; with a positive, the top face and rear electric wipers machine; equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning system to ensure the operation comfort.

HC is equipped with the Italian company's integrated operating handle, door frame and all the actions are with all the focus on a handle, the convenience of the driver's operation, to reduce driver's fatigue

Item LG260EC6
Rated PayloadKg9000
Max. Layers of Stacking 5×9'6'' 6×8'6''
Mast Tilting Angle(Forward/Backward)°2°/4°
Max. Travel Speed (with Load)Km/h28
Max.Lift Speed(with/without Load)mm/s630/730
Max. Lowering Speed (with Load)mm/s600
Max. Gradeability (with Load)%28
Min. Turning Radiusmm6050
Front Axle Load (with/without Load)Kg40700/27700
Rear Axle Load (with /without Load)Kg7800/11800
Max.Traction ForceKN(2Km/h)128
Operating WeightKg39500
Number of Wheels (Front/Rear) 4/2
Tire Type 14.00-24-28PR
Engine Manufacturer / Model VOLVO TAD 720VE
Rated PowerKW(hp)/rpm174(237)/2300
Peak TorqueNm/rpm854/1400
Transmission DANA(CLARK) TE17
Gear(Foward/Reverse) 3/3
Fuel Tank VolumeL400
Hydraulic Oil Tank VolumeL430



A(Overall Length)6840mm
B(Wheel base)4500mm
C(Load Center Distance)1220mm
D(Track Width, Rear)2330mm
E(Track Width, Front)3270mm
F(Overall Width of the Machine)4135mm
G(Overall Width of the Lifting Device)6100mm
H(Overall Height of Machine)4400mm
H1(The Min.Height from the Ground to the Lock)2380mm
H2(Mast Heigh t at Upright)9800mm
H3(Max. Lifting Height)16400mm
H4(Overall Height When the Mas t is Ful ly Extended)16830mm