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CDM816D didn't had enough lifting capacity?
Date:Nov 15 2012 | Attention:
Model:CDM816D S/N:51180662 SMR:28.4 hrs
Report Date:Jun 18, 2012
Application:Parallel fork for bricks;
Ambient:15 to 30 degree;and altitude is lower than 500 meters;
What's happened:The customer loaded 1140kg bricks and lift about 70cm high, then the rear wheel beginning to float from the earth;
Please see next page for this phenomina.

First, the rated load of wheel loader with bucket are different with the wheel loader with
parallel forks, so for the 816D, The rated load 1600 kg is for CDM816D with bucket; For parallel
forks CDM816D,the rated load is 50% of the tipping load or 100% of the hydraulic lift capacity
(whichever gives the lesser result);
2nd, if you find it will floating the tire when you carrying 1140kg bricks, then the
rated load for this parallel forks is about 570kg and DO NOT overload.
For your reference, CAT 924H & Komatsu WA200-6 rated load is 3570kg and parallel forks
are 2542kg only(similar size with 835E).
9.5kg per brick, 120 pieces above the forks.