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Diesel Forklift


Logistics Equipment LG75DTG features:

International Advanced Ergonomic

Optimized Hydraulic System

Main Power Disconnercting Device

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Power typeDiesel
Rated capacity (Kg)7500
J Load centre (mm)                                    600
h1 STD Max lifting height (mm)3000
h3 Free lifting height (mm)200
L5*W*T STD Fork size (mm)1220×150×60
Mast tilt angle (deg)10/12
L3 Front overhang (mm)655
L4 Rear overhang (mm)840
Overall dimension 
L1 Overall length(mm)4965
W1Overall width (mm)1995
h2 Mast lowered height (mm)2570
h4 Overhead guard height (mm)2510
R1 Min.turning radius (mm)3415
Min .intersecting aisle (mm)3400
Max.traveling speed (km/h)(F/R)24/29
Max,lifting speed (mm/s)(load/unload)450/480
Max.gradient (%)20
Dead weight (kg)10200
S/P Tread(frnt/rear)(mm)1470/1500
L2 Axle distance (mm)2250
Min.ground clearance 
m2 Mast (mm)270
m1 Frame (mm)305
STD EngineXichai CA6110/125G2
Rated power(kw)83
Cascade, Antwell and other Chinese brand attachments are applicable.